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From the Track & Field Secretary 06.06.19
Please can all participating clubs bring timekeepers, track judges and field judges, because at the 14th May meeting we had the bare minimum to run the meeting. It was that depleted of officials that I had to get Kate who compiles the results to come down to lead at the last field event. Photo finish had to be abandoned as there were only 2 timekeepers and 3 on the track judges stand.
On the evening I had to deal with several situations one of which was the problem with the championship steeplechase event, unfortunately I was not aware until the meeting got underway that was a problem with the water supply, then it was the case of trying to get information to the travelling athletes coming to the championship that it had to cancelled.
At the High Jump there was a nasty injury after the first couple of rounds the athlete was eventually taken away by ambulance near the end of the meeting, and is now recovering after his operation. It didn’t help when I informed the stadium staff of the situation to find out that the entrance the ambulance had to come through was blocked by two cars! To make sure an ambulance could get to the injured athlete I made certain there were another two clear entrances that could be used, I had to check the walkways around the stadium to determine this and they also were not blocked!!!!
If I don’t have enough official’s at the start of the next meeting, and if Health and Safety is compromised, as I am ultimately responsible on the night, I will not hesitate to cancel events or indeed the meeting.
At the end of this season a review will be made of all the timetables and significant changes will be made because our meetings have become very popular, and this needs to be managed better.
Marino Rea Danilowicz
North Yorkshire & South Durham Harrier League, Track & Field Secretary

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Alan Peacock Way, Middlesbrough, TS4 3AE


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